5th Grade Weekly Update Week of April 30th

ELA: We will have our final Tiger Rising discussion group meeting on Monday. I will hand out a study guide that covers the topics that will be on the novel test on Thursday. Students will be given class time to work on their study guide to formulate their best answers. Last week, we reviewed tips on how to recite poetry and looked at examples on poetryoutloud.org. We’re focusing on dramatic appropriateness, physical presence, accuracy of memorization, voice and articulation, and evidence of understanding for our grading criteria. We will do some research this week to better understand our poems and poets. In grammar, we will review two lessons, comparing adjectives and comparing with good and bad.

History: We will continue our study of the Italian Renaissance by learning about the popes who contributed artistically and religiously during this 200 year span. Also, we will learn about the Jewel of the Adriatic Sea: Venice. We’ll study why it was important to the time period and it’s financial and cultural contributions to the Renaissance. We’ll continue our study of our Renaissance vocabulary terms, with a test following the next Monday (May 7th).

Math: Last week, students loved using our class manipulatives to classify solid figures. Students worked in groups to build solid figures using a given net and practiced calculating surface area. Next week, students will learn how to calculate the volume of cubes and rectangular prisms using sugar cubes! We will also practice finding the area of triangles. I’ve asked students to bring in a report cover by Wednesday because we will begin an in-class project. Students will create their own geometry illustrated dictionary to show everything they have learned. This will also serve as a useful reference in upper school!

Science: This week, we will begin our Investigating Heat Cell! Within this unit, students will learn about heat transfer and different types of chemical reactions. In Investigation One, students will learn that heat is the difference between molecules of high kinetic energy and molecules of low kinetic energy. Students will learn the science behind a thermometer and explain how it works.

Other: Progress reports will come home on Monday, April 30th. Please sign and return the following day. We are excited that Field Day will be this Friday at Fuller’s Park.