Blog April 27, 2018

Hooray for a sunny Friday!! We got to enjoy the playground, out in the sun!! Add to that an additional dose of chalk time on the blacktop. It was needed and enjoyed!

Our week was a quick one it seems…We started a new and last story this week, called “ABC Book”, a book full of rhymes that are silly and the kids enjoy. The letter this week was “Y”, so with that came the ever famous Yak picture. This class has become very adept at keeping their work together when we do these projects. In science, we enjoyed learning about lemons…are they heavy/light, are there seeds, what does it smell like, and of course what is the taste? I was quite surprised that just about everyone popped a piece of lemon in their mouths and loved it! This all ended with them making hand squeezed lemonade that was delicious! Our math right now is about addition stories, so everyone got to practice with this by creating their own story for the group. Ask them if they can do one for you at home! We did not get to go to the sandbox because of too much water…boo!! That will change next week it looks like.

Have a terrific weekend everyone!

Mrs. Staggs