April 28, 2018 Newsletter

Good Morning Families,

It’s hard to believe there are only 4 weeks or 20 days of school left! We still have a lot to learn in that short time. The old saying is true…….”Time flies when you’re having fun”!!

Your child can now name all the stages of a butterfly’s life in order. The boys and girls demonstrated this in a project made of all things…… PASTA! Can you name the pasta shape and stage it represented?: Orzo (egg), Rotini (caterpillar), Shell (chrysalis) and Farfalle (butterfly). All placed on a plate to show the cycle……..just too cute!

It was Taco Tuesday when we heard the story, “Dragons Love Tacos,” for emphasizing the letter T. The class made phony tacos and we ate tacos for lunch.

For the letter U, we made an underwater scene to show off that letter.

Next week will be even more exciting while we focus on “Community Workers.” Police officers, firefighters, doctors and postal workers are just to name a few of the workers that help us. We will need your help this week to dress up your child as his/her favorite Community Worker on THURSDAY!!!! More info will be sent home on Monday.

Don’t forget our Bike-A-Thon is this FRIDAY morning!!!! Please send in a HELMET with your child’s bike, tricycle or scooter. Please LABEL both helmet and bike because some bikes look alike. You will park them in front of the benches along the railing. I can’t emphasize this more by saying please make sure your child KNOWS how to ride his bike! Because we will need to watch 14 children in the parking lot, we cannot teach anyone at this time to ride.
Also, any donation to the Smile Train will be greatly appreciated. Thank you to the families who have already donated.

Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend,
Wanda and Leslie

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