Sunny days sweeping the clouds away, we’re on our way to were we need to be! Can you tell me how to get, how to get to the fours class, to the fours class!!!!

With only a few more weeks left, your children are ready to end the year with lots of fun and laughter! As we enter this week with lots to do, we are excited to cover community helpers such as, postal workers, police officers, firefighters and doctors and our unit of study is letters v and w. For the letter V, we will learn about volcanoes and how they erupt. As a science experiment, we will mix mentos and sprite together and observe what happens next when adding them together. For the letter w, we will create a weather chart. Snowy, sunny, rainy, or cloudy, we hope the sunny days are here to stay!

As we cover community helpers, we are asking for the children to come to school on Thursday dressed up as their favorite community helper.
As we cover postal workers, we will create mailboxes. We are asking you to please draw a picture for your child and send it to school no later then Wednesday in a sealed envelope with your child’s on written on it. On Thursday we will deliver them into your child’s mailbox and discuss how mail is delivered all around the world. As we cover police officers, we will have a special visit from officer Jegg on Tuesday. Officer Jegg will discuss what she does in our community and discuss ways we can stay safe. To finish off her visit, your little ones will visually see inside a police car! What a way to end the day!!

Investigator Club, we will continue to work with Manny Salamander on the follow;

Music and Movement: Pass the ball.
Objective is to understand that passing something is a way of sharing.

Language Literature: Lapbook- A Day with Manny.
Objective is to understand and resite a story.

Oral Language: Charting words that begin with the letters V and W.
Objective is to identify letters of the alphabet.

Friendly Reminders

Mystery reader is available. If you would like to be a part of our Feel Good Friday, please let us know.

Feel Good Friday is crazy hair day!

End of the year party is being held on May 23rd at 10:30. Parents who have signed up to help out, please be at the school by 10:00 to set up.

Last day of school May 25th. Early dismissal is at 12:45 durning car line. Lunch will be provided that day.

Thank you for helping out this year and making it a fun one!

Have a bright and sunny week!

Ms. Orsano and Mrs. Algera