The week of April 30th and Field Day!

Dear Parents,
Yeah for Field Day! The weather looks promising so please plan on Field Day taking place this Friday, May 4th. All students understood the cancellation for last Friday, and they are all happy to know that their classmate, Jared, will now be able to participate, as well, since he was out of town last Friday. Mrs. Goodson will distribute t-shirts and instructions this week. Thank you for your positive response to the change.
There is a lot going on this week so let’s look at it subject by subject:
History: Students are putting finishing touches on history presentations that will take place on Tuesday, May 8th. Historians have been partnered with a classmate to research the presidency of one of the first 7 presidents of the United States. They may ask for some help from home with props or costumes. It has been entertaining to watch and listen to the discussions about how to present the pertinent information. This is a very creative group of children! The grading of research papers is wrapping up so I hope to get them to students the first of next week! They are amazing!
Science: We are finishing the unit on Ecosystems and Adaptations. All projects for Jekyll Island have been completed and are on the bulletin boards in the classroom. Students had to choose a plant and an animal that they learned about at Jekyll Island and write an essay describing the adaptations the organism had to live in its environment. They also had to draw a picture of the organism. They are quite good. Please feel free to stop in any time to look at their work! We will finish the unit by dissecting an owl pellet-fun!
Mathematics (Mrs. Kuegeman’s class only): We are about to finish the chapter about fractions. There will be a quiz this week and a chapter test next week, probably on Monday, May 7th. I will also administer a cumulative review test, most likely on Wednesday, May 9th. We will complete the year by dividing numbers by 2 digit divisors, comparing fractions with decimals, and adding and subtracting fractions and decimals. There will be an end of year math test the last week of May.
This is a quick reminder that Book Reports are on Thursday, May 3rd, and the Book Signing for the novel, Terrific Times, will be in the afternoon on May 11th. These students have accomplished great things this year!
The Cool Girls Accessory Drive was a big success! Thank you to everyone who was able to come and help! It was a great time for students to help others and for them to be together on campus and just simply “hang out”!
Progress reports will be sent home tomorrow. The format of the report looks a little different this quarter. Please look it over, sign it, and return the top portion. The bottom portion is for your records. Let me know if this document is “parent-friendly.”
Have a great Sunday! I will see your children in the morning for the fourth to the last week of school! Hard to believe!

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