Class Update April 30 Week

Greetings Families,
After today, there are 19 more days of school to go! The next four weeks will be filled with finishing our curriculum, assessing the children one last time, and having fun with one another.
Here are some details about this week:

*Thank you for completing and sending in your feedback on the classroom surveys.
*Some children are arriving to school without a lunch. If this occurs (and as we mentioned during Parent Night at the start of the year), a lunch will be ordered for your child and Mr. Rogers will charge your account accordingly.
*We will share with you the results of any final assessments that we take. The final progress report and any corresponding materials will be sent home in the mail once the school year has come to an end.
*We have 19 days left of school, and kindergarten is right around the corner! This is the time we encourage greatest independence. Please let/have your child:
-pack his/her school and lunch bag for the day without directions
-dress himself/herself for the day
-go through carline more often (this is to help prepare for carline in the future)
-buckle himself/herself in to the car (by the end of May is a good goal to have this practiced and done)
-carry his/her own bag into the classroom (without any guidance on putting things away)

*Please save these dates:
Date Event Time
May 21 End-of-the-year Party (parents invited) TBD
May 25 Last Day of School/Early Dismissal/NO TREEHOUSE 1:00pm

Curriculum Notes for the Week:
*Morning Work: The children will take a few minutes to practice activities with the letter Y. We are also working on printing numbers. After morning work, the children get to enjoy some playtime with their classmates.
*Happily Ever After (ABC Book): This is our last Happily Ever After unit. We will begin our unit by listening to this fun song, and we will color our folder illustrations.
*Letter (Y): This week we will read books with letter Y sounds. We will identify upper and lowercase Y, determine pictures that begin with Y and Z, and make yellow yarn yo-yo.
*Science (Animals and the World Around Us): We will be learning about yaks and observe the effects of yeast during a science experiment.
*Social Studies (Our Earth): This week we will take a nature walk and discuss things we hear/smell/see/feel and tie that in with natural resources on Earth (air, water, trees).
*Math (Unit 5 Working with Numbers): We will continue our unit by writing taking away stories and playing a subtraction game.

If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know.
Dr. Elizabeth Hill and Ms. Hannah Frary

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