Here’s to May @ the Woods

It is a merry, merry, magical month of May @ the Woods- full of sentimental farewells and graduation, cheers and celebration. Behind the scenes it is also quite manic.  Summer Camp prep, summer repair and renovation scheduling, academic year wrap with report cards, standardized test results, and student transcripts all appear on a detailed check list.  Parent and student packets for the coming academic year go to the printer, curriculum gets ordered as do supplies and materials.  The campus is scrubbed from top to bottom, from ceiling to floor, from door to door.

Yet the pace is somehow a bit slower, a bit easier, a bit relaxed… at least for a few weeks. The rhythm of a school year at Wood Acres is a carefully crafted symphony of dedicated faculty and staff seeing to all the thousand details behind the scenes that create magic each year as school begins anew.  And for The Wood Acres School, this has been occurring for almost 50 years!

Join us this month as we look back on a grand school year, celebrate the present honoring our graduates of the class of 2018 plus each student’s academic growth, and gear up for the future of the 2018-2019 school year and the preparations for our grand 50th anniversary celebration in 2019.  That will indeed be a merry, merry magical time as well.

Here’s to May @ the Woods and a grand family summer, too!