News Flash!

Good Evening –
It think that Spring may have finally sprung!! I know everyone is ready for a week full of warmth and sunshine!

The weeks are flying by as we end our school year in less than one month!!

Last week the kids focused on the letter Y. Some of the highlights were making a Yak, and painting with yellow yarn! Most of the kids are doing a great job on their journals and can work with a teacher to sound out the letters from one word to write a description of the drawings in their journals. It is fun to see the very real progress. Ask them what they think that they will draw tomorrow! It is always fun to see what they come up with. What we always see is thier excitement in sharing thier ideas and experiences through their drawings!

Mrs. Staggs led them in a great science activity. They explored lemons, (it was surprising how many of them ate the lemons right off of the rind!) and in the end they all enjoyed some homemade lemonade which they helped to make! (Thanks Mrs. Armstrong for the inspiration and the equipment!

We only have two letters left to explore, Q & X!! We will tackle Q this week and X next week.

Thank you for all of your support.

Ms. Manning