Ms. Porto’s 4’s newsletter

Good afternoon!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! This week we introduced the letter X. We also continued to work on our literacy unit The ABC Book! The children just think this is the funniest story!

We started off our week on Monday with recognizing upper and lowercase X’s by coloring in an x-ray! This also helped us to identify a few color words! Then we got to play outside for recess! Once recess was over we went to our Spanish special where we started learning about farm animals! When Spanish was over we made an x-ray craft. The children got in their own special spots in the room and cut away to make the perfect x-ray! Once lunch was over we had a math lesson. We talked about addition and subtraction! Boy are these kiddos smart!

Tuesday we worked on recognizing upper and lowercase X’s. We also worked on identifying a few color words! Then we were able to play outside for recess. We had so much fun! When recess was over we went to P.E. where we did some relay races and went on a bear hunt! When we returned from P.E. we worked on finding the missing X’s on the page! This was so easy for us!

Wednesday we worked on coloring in a xylophone! This helped us to recognize upper and lowercase X’s. It also helped us to identify a few color words. Then we had some fun outdoor recess time. When recess was over, we went to our Art special where we, learned to make zig-zags, curves, spirals, and straight lines! When we returned from Art, we did a fun project! We had to transform the letter X into something! We all used our imaginations and thought of some great ideas! Some of the children made flowers, airplanes, spider webs, clouds, and cars! They all looked so great so I decided to hang them up in our room.

Thursday we started our day off with celebrating Johan’s summer birthday! Happy birthday Johan! Then we went to our Spanish special where we worked on farm animals. This was so fun! Then we had recess! Boy are we thankful the weather has been so nice for us to go outside! When recess was finished we went to our Music special where we snag and danced our hearts out! When we returned from Music, we made our very own xylophone’s. This craft helped us to work on identifying our color words.

We ended the week on Friday working on writing the letter X. These kiddos sure know how to do it! Then we went outside for our recess time and had a blast! Once recess was over we were lucky enough to check out the book fair! We even got to read a book there! When we returned to our classroom, we worked on identifying picture that start with the letter X. Everyone did a wonderful job!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Thank you,
Ms. Porto

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