May 5, 2018 Newsletter

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Whew!!!!! What a busy, busy, exciting week at the Woods!! We started off the week learning about volcanoes for letter V. The children were in awe while Mrs. Tallman demonstrated an erupting volcano in the sandbox by mixing baking soda and vinegar. I passed around my lava rock from Mt. Etna, Sicily’s active volcano.

On Tuesday, Police Officer Jegg from Cobb County paid a visit to explain to the class about her job and her gear. She spoke about keep safe from strangers and what to do if they come upon a weapon. She spoke about calling 911 in emergencies only. After her visit, all the children took home a certificate for dialing 911 and speaking to the operator on a play phone. Since Officer Jegg brought her patrol car, the boys and girls were able to climb into the backseat to see what the inside was like. Let’s hope this is the only time they are in the backseat of a police car!!!!

The class had a good time dressing up as their favorite Community Helper! Firefighters came in as the most popular helper and doctors ran a close second. We had a police, life guard, construction worker and teachers. Thank you for sending in the notes and cards for your child’s mailbox. They were so delighted to open the mail and hear the messages read to them by Mrs. Tallman.

On Friday, the class had a ball riding bikes in the parking lot. We have some very good drivers by following the rules of the road. Thank you to Cho Hui Long (Taela’s mom) for helping us with the Bike-A-Thon.

Next week’s coming attraction will be on mothers and their role and the letters X and Y.

Enjoy the photos of the week.

Wanda and Leslie

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