Super Sunny Sunday

Hello from Mrs. Leagan!

I sure hope you are out and about enjoying this amazing day. I’m heading outside to continue to work in my garden and spruce up our home for this wonderful season of fun in the sun.

Last week was quite impressive. Thursday, everybody did a great job presenting their fourth and final book report. All of the projects are up and ready for you to come and see. Please stop by and look at the details that went into these amazing projects and presentations.

Also, Field Day was just perfect! Mrs. Goodson did a great job planning, prepping, and preparing all of us for one awesome day. Congratulations to the Red Team for earning 1st place! Job Well Done!

This week will be quite busy as we get ready for the upcoming assessments in Reading and Grammar. Please note that on Tuesday, May 8, your student will have a grammar quiz, spelling test, and vocabulary quiz. Hopefully, your student took home his or her grammar book to begin or continue studying for these assessments. We have been reviewing but more practice is highly encouraged.

On Thursday, May 10, your student will have a Unit 5 Grammar Test and a reading quiz over “The Battle of the Brains.” Again, we have been reviewing but more should be done.

Our Authors’ Signing Day is Friday, May 11 from 1:30-3:00. We really hope you can join us for this page-turner of a day. First, all of our 4th graders will present their Terrific Time to the audience. Next, we will sign each other’s books, and finally, enjoy an ice cream sundae. What a novel way to end a great day, week, and year.

That is all for me. I do hope you have an enjoyable week, and I’ll be in touch soon.

Yours truly,
Cheryl Leagan
4th grade teacher
The Wood Acres School