OMG-3 weeks to go!

Hello, Everyone!
What a fantastic day we had on Friday at Field Day! We can all be proud of the great sportsmanship our students exhibited during the games! I know that they all had a lot of fun because I saw many smiling faces during the day. My Carolina Blue Team was very supportive of each other even when the chips were down! Great group of kids!
Once again, this week our students have a lot going on. Let me break it down for you subject by subject:
Mathematics: We will have an open book math quiz tomorrow morning. On Wednesday there will be a chapter test over fractions and a cumulative test on Thursday.
History: President Presentations will take place on Tuesday. Tomorrow students will have a chance to practice their skits one more time before performance day. I will try to video the presentations and send that video to you so you can see what they have been working on. We will then study Medieval Europe for the last 3 weeks.
Science: Students will be dissecting owl pellets this week as the final project for the Ecosystems and Adaptations CELL. We will look into light and optics to complete our science study for the year.
As you know, Friday is our book signing day for Terrific Times. I hope that you will be able to join us that afternoon as we look at the finished product and sign one another’s copies. This book is a wonderful memento of a great fourth-grade year!
I hope that you have a great week. I know that we will! See you soon!
My best,

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