News Flash!

Good Evening –
We enjoyed a lovely Chrome and Wood Acres Band concert this morning with the rest of the school. There were some fun, familiar tunes and the kids enjoyed dancing and singing along.

Last week they explored the letter Q in a variety of ways. They learned that almost all fo the time there is a partner letter that goes along with Q. Charlie had even read a book about these two letters getting married! See if they remember the other letter!

This week we are focused on the final letter for our exploration – X! This is a fun, but tricky letter. We talk about the sound, and look at is in all positions of a word, as there are not too many that begin with it!!

They have made great strides in learning about journals. They are very thoughtful about their entries each Monday, and almost all of them have learned how to listen to the letter sounds and write out at least one word. They are quite proud of this skill, as they should be!!

Today in Math we worked on the Tower Power game. This game helps them to see addition problems in action. They are getting lots of practice with both addition and subtraction skills! Look for the directions to this game to come home in their folder soon. The kids would enjoy playing this with you at home.

They have gone through the practice of writing numbers 0-9. They should be familiar with all of them and the rhymes will help them remember how to form them.

In Science last week, Mrs. Staggs followed up their Scholastic magazine with a great activity exploring bubbles! They tried three different solutions; water and dishsoap, water, dishsoap, and corn syrup, and water, dishsoap, and cooking oil. We were amazed at how big they were able to blow the bubbles! Adding the different ingredients definitely made for a better solution. Look for the pictures in an email.

As we enter the last two weeks of school there are a few reminders to keep in mind:

Tomorrow is the last day of the Bookfair! If you haven’t had time to stop in, please do. We have a new provider and the selection is incredible.

Wednesday, May 23rd at 11:30 is our end of the year class party. The party parents have come up with some great outside games. (Many with water!) Everyone is invited. Please remember to RSVP to the evite, and sign up to bring something for the lunch we will share at the end of the party!!

The last day of the school year is Friday, May 25th. We will dismiss a little early, at 1:00, and there will not be any Treehouse services that day.

I have completed my support of the Second Grade class and am so glad to be back to our class full-time!! I will enjoy the last two weeks with your kiddos!! Thanks for being so welcoming to Mrs. Barlow. We like her so much that the administration has decided to offer her a position in the fall!! Lucky us!

Have a great night. We’ll see you for a happy Friday tomorrow.

Ms. Manning