5th Grade Weekly Update Week of May 14th

Math: Students have been working hard on their illustrated dictionaries. This week, I will conference with students before they submit their final product. We will continue to complete cumulative review worksheets as homework to prepare for the end of the year test this Thursday. Last week, students were given a large index card to write anything they like that may help on the test.

Science: On Monday, we discuss our findings for Investigation Three. Within this investigation, students learned the difference between physical and chemical changes. We learned the difference between endothermic and exothermic chemical reactions. To assess students’ understanding of this unit, students will complete an oral exam on Tuesday, May 22nd. As you sit at the dinner table, ask students to share with you what they have learned in lab so far!

ELA: We are continuing the work on our poetry books throughout the week. Final copies should be finished by next Monday at the latest. We will finish up Unit 4 in Grammar Workshop; focusing on conjunctions, prepositions, and prepositional phrases. We will end this unit with a take-home test that will be distributed Friday, and should return completed on Monday, May 21st. Additional practice will take place throughout the week to prepare. Students should be prepared to recite their poems for accuracy by Wednesday!

History: On Monday, we will review our study guides that were completed in class on Friday. The Renaissance test will take place on Tuesday. We will then begin our final enrichment unit: Japan! Students will be required to read the lessons on their own and then we will complete activities in class to enrich the reading material, for example: we will compare Kabuiki and Noh theater by watching videos of each and create origami to hang in the windows for our poetry coffeehouse.

(Ask your child what they are doing in this picture in history class! 😉 )