The second to last week of fourth grade!

Hello, Parents!
Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Fourth-Grade Moms! I am sure your family is taking very good care of you today. I remember the Mother’s Days that I spent on the soccer field and then had a lovely dinner afterward. Whatever you are doing to celebrate, I hope that it is just what you would like to do.
We are down to the second to last week of school. It is hard to wrap my head around this fact! The year has gone by so quickly, especially this final quarter. I say the same thing each year, but it is true: the end of the school year really sneaks up on me! It has been a great pleasure to get to know your children and you! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to have a positive impact on your children’s learning. It has been a spectacular year!
Here is what students will focus on this week:
History: We will continue to learn about Europe in the Middle Ages and begin a final project, Illuminations, that will be completed in class. A quiz will be given next Monday on the first 6 lessons of this unit.
Science: Students will continue their exploration of Light and Optics. However, the owl pellets have arrived so Monday and Tuesday will be spent dissecting these pellets to learn what the owls have consumed! Fun! The dissection will be the final test grade for science.
Mathematics: Mathematicians will correct their cumulative tests, and then we will launch into learning about double-digit division. There will be an End of the Year Math Test on Tuesday, May 22nd. That test will be the last assessment for the school year in mathematics.
Please know that the last day of school is Friday, May 25th. There is an Awards Ceremony at 9:30. All families are invited to attend. After the ceremony, students are free to leave. There will be no additional activities after the ceremony.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend! I will see your children in the morning!
My best,
Cindy Kuegeman

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