Class Update May 14 Week FINAL NEWSLETTER

Greetings Families,
We hope you had a beautiful Mother’s Day with your family. We are in the home stretch – 9 days left of school. This will be our last newsletter of the school year. It has been our pleasure to work with each child and family in our room.
*Thank you for completing and sending in your feedback on the classroom surveys. 6 out of 15 were returned.
*Remember to download photos from Shutterfly, as the site will be unavailable once school ends (May 27).
*On the Last Day of School there will be EARLY DISMISSAL and NO TREEHOUSE. Please make arrangements to pick your child up before or by 1:00 that afternoon.
*We will share with you the results of any final assessments that we take. The final progress report and any corresponding materials will be sent home in the mail once the school year has come to an end.
*Since this is our last newsletter, next week we will be reviewing concepts by playing games, meeting with Book Buddies, working with alphabet sounds, and learning about poetry.
*All parents are invited to attend our class party on Monday, May 21. It begins at 12:00. The children will sing some songs for you, and they will travel around to different fun activities with the help of parents.
*A special thank you to Kelly Miller, Alexandra’s mom, for being our Room Parent this year. We truly value her support, kindness, and organization to help make our classroom occasions amazing. Thank you to parents who have assisted with parties or sent in items – we appreciate you!

*Please save these dates:
Date Event Time
May 21 End-of-the-year Party (parents invited) 12:00
May 25 Last Day of School/Early Dismissal/NO TREEHOUSE 1:00pm

Curriculum Notes for the Week:
*Morning Work: The children will take a few minutes to practice activities with the letter X. We are also working on printing numbers. After morning work, the children get to enjoy some playtime with their classmates.
*Happily Ever After (ABC Book): This is our last Happily Ever After unit. We will complete our unit by listening to this fun song, rhyming, categorizing, and following directions.
*Letter (X): This week we will read books with letter X sounds. We will identify upper and lowercase X, create an x-ray person, and make a xylophone craft.
*Science (Animals and the World Around Us): We will continue our discussion on parts of flowers.
*Math (Unit 5 Working with Numbers): We will continue our unit by graphing.

We hope you have enjoyed the school year in our classroom.
Dr. Elizabeth Hill and Ms. Hannah Frary

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