Two weeks to go!

Hello Everybody,

Happy Belated Mother’s Day! I hope all of our moms enjoyed their Mother’s Day with their children and families. I shared my day with my husband’s birthday, but I really don’t mind because he is quite a special guy and I am very lucky to have him in my life.

These last two weeks will be busy because we will be completing our grammar book, one more Reader’s Theatre story and assignments, two math chapters, as well as prepare for our summer break. Please keep your eyes on your student’s homework folder, so you are aware of all that is happening and when the last assessments will be for all subjects and the special activities scheduled for next week.

I have absolutely enjoyed the last ten months teaching and preparing our students for next year. Each student has learned quite a bit of information, and I do think they are beginning to see all of the progress they have made since August. I love my students and all they have accomplished this school year!!! Thanks for allowing me to spend my days with such a great group of students.

Take care,
Cheryl Leagan
4th grade teacher
The Wood Acres School