Ms. Porto’s 4’s newsletter

Hey all!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a fabulous Mother’s Day! This week we continued to work on numbers!

We started off the week on Monday with writing the number six correctly! Then we went to Spanish where we reviewed color words! When we returned from Spanish, we worked on counting, recognizing, and writing the numbers one through ten. Once lunch was finished, we had our very last computer lab special! We played matching games on the smart board. We also played same and different games on the board! That was so much fun!

Tuesday we worked on writing the number seven correctly. Then we had snack outside so we could go straight to recess! When we returned from recess, we had a math lesson! We read the story The Acorn Hunt as a class! The book was about a family of squirrels who were collecting acorns to get ready for winter. We had to add and subtract! Boy are these kiddos getting the hang of this! Once math was over we went to our P.E. special where we practiced with hula hoops! We are getting ready for our big Luau party on Friday! When we returned from P.E. we worked on recognizing, tracing, and writing the color word red!

Wednesday we worked on writing the number eight correctly! Since it was rainy outside, we had some extra playtime inside! Once we finished circle time, we celebrated Devin’s summer birthday! Happy Birthday Devin! Then we worked on recognizing, counting and writing the numbers 15 to 20! Boy are we getting better at our numbers. Once we were finished with that, we went to our Art special. During Art we made a fish our of our foot! What a cool idea! When we returned from Art, we worked on recognizing, tracing, and writing the color word yellow!

We started off the day on Thursday celebrating Audrey’s summer birthday! Happy Birthday Audrey! Then we were off to Spanish where we reviewed! Once we returned from Spanish we had a little extra play time inside since it was too wet to go to recess. Then we were off to Music where we had a fun jam session with Mr. G! We were feeling the beat! When we returned from Music we had a math lesson! We read the story Rafael’s Messy Room! This story talked about position words. The children learned up, down, top, bottom, right, left, in front of, behind, under and many more! We even had to fill in the missing pictures in our own books! After we finished lunch we worked on recognizing, tracing and writing the word no!

We ended the week on Friday with writing the number nine correctly! Then it was time to party! We had face painting, painted picture frames, did the limbo, hula hoops, played cornhole, and ended with our graduation ceremony and a lovely slide show! Thank you, thank you so much to all the mom’s who helped make this party as amazing as it could be! We love you all so much!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Get ready for our last week of school next week!

Thank you,
Ms. Porto

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