Last Week of School

Hello and Happy Sunday.
Today, my husband and I attended two graduation parties for students I taught when they were in my second grade class. One young lady is off to Notre Dame in August and the other talented young lady will be attending William and Mary which are two very fine universities. Hard work, determination, and perseverance really do pay off. I know some day that I will be cheering on your student when that important decision is made as to the school they will be attending.

Well, we have only four and a half days left of fourth grade. They will be busy but awesome at the same time. Hopefully, you have been keeping your eyes on your student’s homework folder, so you know the assessments given this week.

Monday, May 21 – there will be a grammar spelling test along with a Unit 6 take home quiz, and for my homeroom, a Chapter 8 Fraction math test.

Tuesday, May 22 – all of my students will have a Unit 6 Grammar Test, spelling test, and vocabulary quiz, and my homeroom will have a CYP quiz on Chapter 12 Long Division.

Wednesday, May 23 – Grammar Book Test, a reading quiz on The Mule Egg, and my homeroom will have a Chapter 12 Long Division Test.

Thursday, May 24 – No assessments, no school work, and no homework from me!!! My homeroom will be spending time with our book buddies, cleaning out desks, lockers, and our classroom. End of the Year Party from 11:45 3:00!!!

Friday, May 25 – Honors Assembly at 9:30 for all students and parents to attend. Please join us as we congratulate our 8th graders and all of our students who make us proud every day.

Yes, it has been a great year, a busy year, and the best year ever for me. I have truly loved my job this year because I have been with so many awesome students. Thanks again for allowing me to spend my day with your terrific and talented student.

Yours truly,
Cheryl Leagan
4th grade teacher
The Wood Acres School