News Flash!

Good Morning –

Well, we have made it to the last week of school! It is always hard to believe how fast it seems to arrive. Somehow we always make it!

Of course just because it is the last week, that doesn’t mean that the learning has stopped!! Everyday we are working on assessing what they have learned, and encouraging them to continue to do their best. We are still working on number writing and recognition, position words, identifying left and right, rhyming, identifying letters and sounds. as well as proper formation. Whew! The last couple of weeks are important in wrapping up all of the details!

Last week we celebrated our summer birthdays with a fun snack an goodie bags. Thanks to the Leeper, Armstrong, Coffey, Dickerson, and Belknap families. The kids really enjoyed it. Thanks also for the gift of a new classroom snack leader bag in recognition of my own summer birthday! Very fun!!

Jake’s Nana, Beth Armstrong, has generously donated the materials, and her time, for our Book Buddy end-of-year gifts. We are decorating pots with fingerprint insects and planting marigolds tomorrow! Thank you Nana!!

Today we are heading over to Camp WAWA (Wood Acres) to eat lunch with our book buddies. The classroom is set up with tents and a “campfire.” It is always a big hit and a good way to say good bye to our friends.

Our End-of-Year party is on Wednesday of this week at 11:30. It looks to be a fun, fabulous time for all. Thanks in advance to everyone for signing up to bring food. We will end the day with a luncheon for all to share. If your plans change and you are suddenly free to come, please do. We always have plenty of food to share!!

Note: We are planning to have several water games during the party, so please send in a change of clothes and shoes, in case your child gets extra drippy!!

Thanks a ton.

Ms. Manning