The final week of fourth grade!

Dear Parents of Rising Fifth Graders,
Wow! I know that we still have an end of year math test, history quiz, and science quiz, but I am 100% certain that every one of my fourth graders will be transitioning to fifth grade! What a great year of learning, growing, and maturing this has been! Thank you for your support throughout the year, and thank you for entrusting your children’s minds to Mrs. Leagan and me. I will give you a subject by subject rundown on what to expect in science, history, and mathematics for the final week of fourth grade:
Science: Owl pellet dissections went beautifully! I was excited to see the enthusiasm that each scientist had throughout the entire laboratory procedure. They were engaged and careful about determining what the owl has eaten. Well done! There will be a science quiz on Tuesday on light and optics.
History: A quiz will be given on Tuesday over the first 7 lessons of Europe in the Middle Ages. We will complete our last project, Illuminations, and they will be sent home on Thursday.
Mathematics-for Mrs. Kuegeman’s class only: We will spend Monday and Tuesday reviewing and have the end of the year math test on Wednesday morning. Students have done a great job learning two digit divisor division. This skill will be on the end of the year test.
Thursday will be spent handing in books, cleaning lockers and desks, and cleaning up the classroom. Our End of the Year Party will begin at noon, lunchtime, and last until 3:00. Parents have been busy preparing for this final party adventure! Thank you!
Friday is the day of our Honors Assembly at 9:30. If you registered your child for the Duke TIP Program, your child will be recognized at this assembly along with other honor recipients and our eighth-grade graduates. The assembly will last about one and a half hours. If you attend the assembly, please feel free to take your student with you when you leave. School dismisses at 1:00, and there is no Tree House on this last day of school. Mrs. Leagan and I do not have any plans for students after the assembly.
Thank you again for a fabulous fourth-grade year. I am proud to send this group of students on to our fifth-grade team!

My best,
Cindy Kuegeman

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