Ms. Porto’s 4’s newsletter

Hey all!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Happy last week of a school!

We started off the week on Monday with practicing writing all of our numbers. We wrote one through ten! Then we had snack outside and went straight to recess! After recess we went to Spanish where we got to play musical instruments! That was so much fun! When we returned from Spanish, we worked on number one through ten again. Then we recognized, traced, wrote the word yes! Boy are these kiddos ready for kindergarten!

Tuesday was our fun pajama day! We got to come to school dressed in our pajamas! We read books all day with our friends! This was such a fun day!

Wednesday we had a fun picnic lunch in the classroom on the floor since it was yucky outside! We also went to our Art special where we learned about the works of Piet Mondrian! He made art using shapes like squares and rectangles!

Thursday we celebrated Ms. Nixon’s and my summer birthday! We had a fun emoji party with ice cream and cupcakes! We danced and played the day away 🙂

We finished off the school year on Friday with game day! Everyone dressed up in their favorite game gear and brought in their own games! The room was so silent all day as we played our games!

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer! I will miss seeing you everyday. Thank you for everything you have done for us throughout the school year!

Thank you,
Ms. Porto

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