Hello Parents

Day 2 was cool!

We definitely had one productive day as we worked on our newspapers, took a beginning of the year math assessment, and began learning and remembering our busy schedule.

Even though I do enjoy giving you a heads-up on homework, I am really working on giving more responsibility to your student by talking to you about all that happened in school that day. I may not post homework or messages every day, but I will definitely stay in touch on a regular basis.

Here is a quick list of what’s needed for tomorrow:
• The Internet permission form from Mrs. Butcher should be returned by Friday, August, 17.
• Also by Friday, two pictures for your student’s newspaper. One 2×2 picture of their hero and a 4×6 picture that could coincide with the “Exclusive Story” that will be written later this week.
• Homework will officially begin tomorrow. You will see workbooks come home which will have that night’s homework in it.
• Please initial the homework folder in the right margin, so we know you saw what’s to be completed for the next day. Please do not check the answers just make sure it’s done. Thank you.

It’s only been two days of school, but I am truly enjoying this group of 4th graders. I have noticed that they are hard workers, friendly to one another, and just sweet students. I can tell that we are going to have a super year.

My best to one and all,
Cheryl Leagan