Weekly Update August 20th

Hi Everyone,

We have had a great first week in second grade getting to know the routines and figuring out what second grade will be all about. They appeared more relaxed and confident as each day passed, and I know we are going to have a wonderful year. Thank you to everyone for arriving right on time and allowing the kids to get settled into their new classroom. This week we will kick things up one more notch as we get started full steam into our curriculum.

The first spelling list did go home Friday, so please be sure to check those Blue Binders for the attached homework. Spelling homework will be due on Fridays. I also sent home a Reading Log. Reading Logs are due the following Friday along with spelling homework. Please make sure to sign the bottom of the reading log each week as it counts toward their homework grade.

Important Notes:
– Parent Orientation Night is Tuesday, August 28th. We will meet in my classroom from 7-8PM to go over everything you need to know about second grade. I will try to keep things as short and sweet as possible.
– Thank you for those of you who have brought in umbrellas. Please have your child bring in an umbrella next week if they have not already done so.
– Keep those adorable pictures and small items coming for our community board. We will spend the rest of this week working on filling it up and learning more about one another
-In your child’s binder there is a parent contact list. A big thank you to Terry for putting this together!

Reading: This year we launch into our brand new Journeys Curriculum. For those of you who have had an older siblings go through second grade at Wood Acres it has a similar feel to our Red Reading Books, but comes with a bit more punch curriculum wise. Every week we will read a new story in our textbooks and focus on a phonics, vocabulary, grammar, and writing skill. This week, we begin our first story with a family favorite, Henry and Mudge. I will read the story in class on Monday, and Monday night they will read aloud the book to you for homework. We will have activities all week based on our story and a comprehension quiz on Friday.

Reading Skills and Strategies: For our first story we will be learning sequence of events. First, next, and last. We will also be working on inferring and/or predicting using clues within a story to determine what may happen next, or what the author is trying to say.

Grammar: In grammar this week we will be working on identifying parts of a sentence such as the subject and predicate.

Phonics: We will be reviewing short vowel a and i sounds.

Math: We started our first chapter in math which is reviewing addition facts. We talked about addends, sums, and finding extra information in word problems. We took our first Check Progress and everyone did a fantastic job! This week we will begin working on our Doubles Facts. We will watch a silly video called “The Doubles Rap” which helps us to master those double addition sentences. We will also be getting crafty and creating our own doubles facts with paint. Be sure to ask them about their activity this week! We will also be working on learning more strategies for adding such as making 10 and doubles plus 1.

History: The first history unit focuses on the Geography of the Americas. We began the unit with a review of the cardinal points found on a compass-be sure to ask your children what they are! In addition, we practiced how to orient ourselves on a map of the classroom. This week they will continue to focus on map skills, the compass rose, the continents and oceans, and a variety of geography terms.

Science: In science this week we will take a tour of our Junior Beaker Lab and discuss Lab Safety. For our first science unit we will focus on weight and volume.

Finally, we ended our first week with a fun STEAM activity which the kids just LOVED. The class had to Save Sam, a beloved gummy worm who became rather foolish when he forgot to put on his life vest. Same doesn’t know how to swim and his boat capsized he was lucky enough to climb on top of the capsized boat, but his life preserver was stuck underneath. The class was given two paper clips and tasked with the challenge of rescuing Sam. Without using their hands and ONLY using two paper clips they had to get Sam off his boat and into his life preserver. It was so much fun to watch the class brainstorm and try new tactics when a plan didn’t work. Please check out some photos of our activity below 🙂

Thank you all so much for your support this week! Have a great weekend!

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