The Missing Button

What another fun week in First Grade! This week the students worked really hard on their writing skills. We read the story “The Missing Button” and then as a class we wrote a summary for the story using the sequencing words “First, Next, Then, and Last.” The students then wrote their summary of the story. The kiddos cannot wait for you to see their summary on Tuesday!

As a class we finished the Welcome Back Superkids pack, which was a review from Kindergarten. On Monday we will begin the Adventures of Superkids. Yah!

This last week was exciting because we also began Science, History, Tech Lab, and Library. Our class Library day will be every Friday. In order for your child to check out a new book, please send their old book back to school each Friday.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Tuesday evening at 7:00.

Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Lindsey

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