Week 3 in 4th grade

Hello Everybody,

I hope your weekend was full of family and fun. My entire weekend was spent in Clearwater, Florida with my family as we honored my uncle who lost his battle to cancer. Spending time laughing with loved ones can definitely help take away the pain and sorrow. My uncle will be missed but never forgotten.

Thank you so much for joining Tim and me for our Parent Night last Thursday. Hopefully, you saw the paper version of the power point presentation in your student’s Friday folder. Again, if you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.

I forgot to mention during Parent Night that I am going to have a math-help session every Wednesday afternoon from 3:15-4:00 in my classroom. These sessions are for those students who need a little extra math support with concepts that are being taught during class. At 4:00, you can pick up your student from my room or I can walk those attending to Tree House if necessary. Please let me know if your student is staying, so I know how many to expect. Thank you.

According to my lesson plans, there will be a spelling test and vocabulary quiz on Thursday, August 30 which will cover the 20 words that are in your student’s red homework folder. We will begin to get ready for these assessments tomorrow and review until Thursday. Please review and quiz with your student, so the results are awesome.

I want to thank Cori Hofeler for stepping in and teaching our 4th graders on Friday. She has truly made my return smooth and easy as I continue to teach my lessons for this week. I really appreciated all of her efforts in teaching, reviewing, and practicing all of the lessons, so we are ready to move on in the morning.

I believe that is all for now. Take care, and I can’t wait to see my students in the morning.

My best,
Cheryl Leagan
4th grade lead teacher