Human Origins

We have wrapped up our first chapter on Early People and will have our assessment tomorrow, Thursday, August 30. Students have been deep in lively discussions in class, and have been answering reading checks and section assessment questions to help prepare them for this assessment. Dialogue is SO important, especially in a dense content area like history. Throughout the year, please make this a priority.

We will have a DBQ at least once a month. For this month, however, we have taken on two solely because they both covered topics we have been discussing in our lessons. The next DBQ -NPR articles and “Breaking News” page- is due on Tuesday, September 4 when we return from Labor Day.

Sentences for the writing page should be ‘Magic 8’ (ask them about this) with minimal to no illegal words, and each question should be answered using complete sentences. DBQs are a large portion of their overall grade, so please encourage students to put thought and care into their work, especially written work. English rules still apply across the board 🙂