Weekly Update September 4th, 2018

Hello Everyone,

Thank you so much for a wonderful Parent Orientation Night on Tuesday! Please continue to reach out with any questions as I am always happy to answer them.

Important Notes:

– Monday, September 3rd is Labor Day. We do not have school.

-September 13th New Parent Coffee in the Beaker Junior

– Constitution Day is Monday, September 17th starting at 9:30AM on the quad. Thank you to those who signed up for our Constitution Day snack!

– Parent Teacher Conferences will be held Monday, September 24th and Tuesday, September 25th. I am working on creating a Sign Up Genius. I will send out the link as soon as I have it completed. Please note that Tuesday September 25th from 8-10 will not be available as we are having a school wide emergency drill that morning

– Our September Book Reports will be going home today. We begin with a Folktale. They are set up to replicate their Footprints from First Grade. In addition they will be presenting their information using props that they will keep in a bag. They should use 4 props to represent the First, Second, Third, and Last thing that happened in their story. For longer books they may need help summarizing- they absolutely may use your help to organize their thoughts. I have attached two copies of their Footprint. This is so they may use one copy as their sloppy copy if needed. I have also attached photos of an example book report to the blog below. Book reports are due Friday, September 28th.

-Picture Day is October 3rd and 4th. More info to come on the specific date second grade will have!

-October 15-19th is our school Book Fair. More info to come as the date approaches

-We have our Book Buddies for the year! We will be with Mrs. Schneider’s 4 year old classroom. I promise there was no nepotism in the section of book buddies, ha! We are currently in the works of planning our first meeting 🙂

This Week:

Reading: This week we begin our third story in our textbooks entitled Dogs. The genre this week also focuses on informational text, and the essential question the class will be focusing on this week is ‘What do pets need to be happy and healthy?’

Phonics: We will be working on long vowels a and i as well as sounds for c

Grammar: We will be working on types of sentences this week such as statements, questions, and exclamations.

Target Skill: Identifying the author’s purpose, analyzing and evaluating text, as well as continue our study on comparing and contrasting

Writing Skill: Narrative writing that focuses on sentences that describe as well as elaboration

Vocabulary: Multiple-meaning words

Math: We’ve jumped into subtraction and have been working on related addition and subtraction facts. We played some fun games this week where we got to work on our subtraction facts with dominos. Students had to choose a domino and subtract the smaller number from the larger number and record their subtraction sentence. Next week we will focus on using addition to check and fact families. We will have a Check Progress during the week and finish our week with practicing word problems.

History: We have finished our travels in the United States and Canada and have made our way to Mexico and Central America. We wrapped up the week completing our “My State” activity where students were able to create their very own state! Next week we will be making our way to South America.

Science: We will be continuing to work on our second investigation with the pan balance this week with comparing the weights of two objects. We will end the week with taking a look a our glossary words for investigation three which examines the weight and volume of objects.

Homework for the week of September 4th

LA: Read Aloud Dogs
Math: Page 35 and 36

LA: Vocab Worksheet
Math: pg 39&40

LA: Vocabulary Woksheet
Math: Pages 41 and 42

LA: Spelling Packet

As always, thank you for your continued support. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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