Twinkle Twinkle You’re A Star!

Dear Parents,

Our class has been hard at work again this week and we’re excited to tell you all about our accomplishments!

We successfully completed Chapter 1 in math and have started Chapter 2, Geometry! On Thursday we talked about different shapes such as cones, cylinders, and spheres. Afterward, the kids were able to have a scavenger hunt inside our classroom to try and find as many of these shapes as possible. To add a bit of a challenge to the game, I had them help each other for two minutes using their voices, and then they could only use hand motions for the other two. It was awesome to see everyone working together pointing or clapping when they found a new object.

Speaking of spheres, we had our second social studies lesson about the seven continents and the Earth’s oceans. Mrs. Barlow used a flashlight and our globe to explain how when it’s daytime in Marietta, it’s nighttime in Tokyo, Japan. The kids were all curious about how fast our Earth spins, so we all took turns guessing. While we had some great ones, we decided to ask Google to find out exactly how fast and boy, were we surprised! Did you know our Earth spins at 1,000 mph! WOW!

Our class is almost finished learning about Oswald and his odd creatures too. We played a matching riddle game called, Oswalderee! Once everyone had matched the correct letter to the sound and animal, we all shouted out “OSWALDEREE!” I think that will be a game we play frequently, as we all had so much fun!

In music this week, Mr. G showed the class how a trumpet works and then played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for us. We have also been playing a musical clapping game with him and this week our class beat him 5-1! He said we were the first class to ever beat him. Everyone cheered and high fived one another. We’re hoping for a repeat win next week as well, so be sure to ask your child if we won!

Our technology class with Mrs. Butcher is going really well too. This week we have worked on our muscle skills using the mouse. She has the kids play various games that teach them how to point and click, point and drag items and even how to move those little muscles fast in matching games.

Fabulous Fun Friday was, as always, fabulous and fun! We surprised the kids with bright play-doh and asked them to design their own odd animals, just like Oswald. We had snakes with crocodile spikes, a nine-legged octopus and a crocodile with one eye! They were all so great and it was so wonderful seeing those imaginations hard at work! Afterward, the entire class went out to the big sandbox to build castles and put our toes in the sand.

We also had our first Book Buddies meeting today with Mr. Oveby’s fourth-grade class! The children all paired up with their book buddies and read them a book from our classroom. In return, our fourth-grade friends read the book to their buddy as well. Mr. Oveby even read us all a great book about a postman who delivers mail to all the fairy tale characters, what a treat!

There are a few reminders for this week as well, which I have listed below.

We have officially kicked off our mystery reader program! This is such a fun way to surprise your child in the classroom and read their favorite book to their friends as well. You can sign up for a time slot (Friday’s from 8:45 a.m.-9a.m.)on Shutterfly. Please be sure to sign up only two times so that everyone has a chance 🙂 We hope to see you each week for this special!

Our VIP schedule is also up on our Shutterfly account! Our very first VIP will start the week of September 10!

We hope that you all have a very relaxing Labor Day weekend and we can’t wait to see your smiling faces on Tuesday morning!

And before I forget, the Word of the Week is PACIFIC OCEAN.

With love,
Ms. Porto and Mrs. Barlow