5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of September 4th

Photo Highlight of the Week: On Friday, we met our book buddies!!! We had fun learning more about one another as we shared our book buddy booklets!

Math: Our first unit test will be on Wednesday, September 5th. On Friday, parents should have received an email with a Jeopardy review game and study guide attached. All students were also instructed to bring home textbooks this weekend to help study. Our next unit of study will be multiplication!

Science: I am so excited to begin our next investigation of animal cells! Students will be introduced to eukaryotic cells and learn about the organelles within the cells and their function. In lab, students will obtain a sample of their own cheek cells to examine under the microscope! We will also introduce our 3-D cell project!

ELA: This week, we will continue to read Tuck Everlasting, reading through chapter 17. Last week, students were introduced to 12 vocabulary terms from chapters 9-14. We will test on these terms on Thursday, after plenty of practice. We will review diagramming direct and indirect objects early in the week. Students were introduced to these types of diagrams on Friday. Later in the week, we will learn how to identify predicate nominatives and predicate adjectives in sentences.

History: We are finishing up our United States regions unit this week. Our last regions to study are the southwest, the west coast, and the Alaska/Hawaii region. We will read our first Studies Weekly on Tuesday! These weekly newspapers are used to introduce students to historical events, people, and places, as well as, practicing reading comprehension. The focus this week is the Transcontinental Railroad, and how it affected the country. They will also learn about some entrepreneurs who gained from the new railway system. Students will learn about the struggles workers from each company faced as they worked to build the railway.

Week at a Glance
-Math Unit Test Wednesday
-Tuck Vocab Ch. 9-14 Test Thursday
-Current Event due on Friday for: Michael, Alexis, Noah, and Hudson