Sept. 2, 2018 Newsletter

Good Afternoon Families,

Thank you again for coming to the Parent Night in our room! I know it was a challenge between work and getting a babysitter so you could attend this important meeting. It was much appreciated.

In our class this week, we heard stories of families and friends, sang songs, performed finger plays and made the cutest projects that adorn our classroom. One of my favorite family stories is “Pussum Come A Knockin’.” (the author omitted the letter ”o”.) It’s a funny story about a hillbilly family. Speaking of families, please don’t forget to send in your family photo. I am making a family album which I will send home with the snack child everyday.

We spoke about sharing and what it means to be a good friend. Friendships are definitely blooming in the 3 Yr. Old class. The boys and girls made cute friendship bracelets to give to their friends. What a good fine motor project too.

In Spanish, we met Paco ( a Toucan) who is teaching the group to name colors in Spanish. The children sing along and play games with Senora Thorogood, our Spanish teacher. Just think by the time they are in 8th grade at Wood Acres, they will be fluent in Spanish!! How wonderful!!!

It was a week of “firsts”. Monday, we had our first Technology class!! Mrs. Butcher showed meaningful stories on the Whiteboard and the boys and girls interacted with games too on the Whiteboard. Our Tech. class is on the first Monday of the month. The class loved it!!

We also had our first Fire Drill and I must say that the class did such an amazing job, they all got a sticker on their Sticker Boards! The children will collect stickers for outstanding work or actions through the year. I wonder who will collect the most stickers?

The third “first” was playing in the sandbox! I don’t have to tell you how much fun that was!

This coming week, our focus will be on mixing colors to make secondary colors and the Investigator Club will begin too. 

See you Tuesday,

Wanda and Cindy

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