Good Afternoon,

Today I sent home your child’s first Foorprint in their blue homework folder. These will come home every Monday and must be returned each Friday.

How To Write A Footprint
***Quarter 1 requires 9 footprints to be completed by October 17th. All 9 need to be handed in by Wednesday, October 17th, in order to receive an “E” on their report card under Supplemental Reading.

We will practice writing our Footprints (on ice cream paper) and will use our transition words: First, Next, Then, and Last.
Remember the first few pages are where you would find sentences to write about the ‘First’ sentence, next few pages for ‘Next’, next few pages for ‘Then’, and last few pages for ‘Last’.
Some kids want to write a lot….they need to keep is short and simple; this is to be a summary of the story. Some ideas to help with: capitals, commas, and punctuation.

There should be NO QUOTES in a Footprint. We want them to summarize, not copy or use “dialog” from the story.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Mrs. Lindsey

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