Weekly Update September 10, 2018

Hello Everyone,

We’ve had a busy week this week in second grade. We shared our Labor Day weekends, as well as worked hard to make up for a lost day with our studies.

Important Dates:

-Monday, September 17th is Constitution Day. We will be meeting out on the quad around 9:15.
– Monday, September 25th and Tuesday, September 26th will be Parent Teacher Conferences. Thank you to those of you who have already signed up. I will be sending home schedule slips next Friday for the day and time I have assigned for us to meet.
– Friday, September 28th Book Reports are due. Children were sent home with their chosen books today. Thank you to those of you who checked in with me in regards to using a book from home.I have also attached a list of Folktale books to the blog. Many you may have at home! Please let me know if you have any questions!
-Picture Day is October 4th. Sign up slips went home today in Blue Binders.

This Week:
Reading: Next week we will begin our story Diary of a Spider. Our essential question we will focus on will be, How do good friends act? *Special Note* We will begin using the testing material provided by The Journeys curriculum moving forward. Initially, previous tests were created to gauge student readiness for these new and challenging exams. I believe students are ready to take on the next step for testing, and moving forward these will be our weekly testing material.

Phonics: We will be working on long vowels o and u and e

Grammar: We will be working on identifying nouns

Target Skill: Cause and Effect as well as figurative language

Writing Skill: We will be focusing on a “true story paragraph.” This is where the paragraph should focus on one important thing that happened to the writer- in other words, the main idea. All sentences in the true story should be about the main idea

Vocabulary: Context Clues

Math: We are moving right along in our textbooks and have been busy working on fact families, missing addends, and counting up to subtract. Next week we will begin our week with our final Check Progress. The chapter 1 test will be sent home as a review page, with the Chapter 1 Test on Thursday, September 13th. We will begin our next unit on place value to 100.

History: We will be wrapping up our unit by visiting South America, The Land of the Andes, and The Southern Cone. We should tentatively be ready for our first test by the week of September 18th. More info to come as it approaches.

Science: We have jumped right in with our second investigation comparing weight using a pan balance. This week we will launch into investigation three which examines the weight of volume and solids.

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