5th Grade Weekly Update Week of September 10th

Lily’s math textbook has gone missing! Please look around for us. It has a number 2 on the spine of the book. We want to be sure someone didn’t accidentally take it home before we order another. Thanks in advance for checking!

Math: I’m proud of all the effort students put into our first unit test. As soon as all students have made up the test, I will be able to send it home in Friday Folders. We started our new unit with a bang and with fun review games of our multiplication facts! Students enjoyed our Whodunnit activity as they worked fervently throughout the room to solve math problems and gain clues to solve our mystery! Students learned how to use multiplication patterns with zero to estimate products. This week, we will discuss how to avoid mistakes with “tricky zeros” and practice 2 and 3 digit multiplication!

Science: On Monday, I will introduce our 3-D cell models project. Students in the past LOVED this project, and I’ll share pictures with students for inspiration! I will email parents with the handout students will receive. In lab, students enjoyed examine their own cheek cells under the microscope and we will continue this week with plant cells!

ELA: We will continue to practice our vocabulary terms from Chapters 15-19 on Monday and Tuesday before the test on Wednesday. After the test on Wednesday, we will not have a new vocabulary list. We are studying analogies this week! We’ll study how pairs of words work as synonyms, antonyms, characteristics, part to whole, and person/occupation. We will read through chapter 23 this week in our novel study, Tuck Everlasting. In grammar, students were introduced to predicate nominatives and predicate adjectives. We will learn how to diagram these types of sentences this week!

History: Students were given a study guide on Friday to help them prepare for the test on Thursday. We will play a review Jeopardy that will be emailed out later in the week to help students prepare. Students are expected to be able to label a map with the 9 different regions we’ve studied. There is a practice map on the back of the study guide to help prepare, and there is a regions map in their history section of their binder. This week with Studies Weekly, students will study how the Industrial Revolution affected the country. They will also learn about what life was like for families and children working in the factories. Students will learn about entrepreneurs during that time period and how new machines helped people. We will end the week with Constitution Day activities to prepare for Constitution Day next Monday. All are welcome to join us at 9:30 in the Quad!

Check out Book Buddy pictures below from our meeting on Friday! Lots of fun!

Week at a Glance:
Wednesday- Ch 15-19 Vocab Test
Thursday-History Regions Test
Next Monday the 17th- Constitution Day, all are invited to join us rally around the flag at 9:30
Monday students will receive Cell Model Project Info, Due Monday, 10/8