The 3’s is the place to be!

Dear Wood Acres Parents,

Colors here, colors, there, colors are everywhere! What a magical week it has been in the 3s. The children worked on texture by mixing two colors to create one. We also worked on sorting and identifying color all through-out our classroom and our campus. What a pretty school we have!

Next week our theme is “Shapes”. The children will be working together on identifying, recognizing and comparing various shapes. For creativity we will be creating bird feeders out of bagels, cream cheese and food bird. This project will be sent home for you to place somewhere outside of your home for the birds to eat. They will also be creating shape people, play the bean bag shape toss game, and mix and match shape game. These are just some of our fun games that we will play to help your child to recognizing the basic shapes.

In The Investigator Club we will be working on the following subjects;

Oral Language – Introducing circle flap boardThe objective is to recognize, describe and compare shapes.

Social and Emotional Skills – It’s okay to be me
The objective is to understand that we are all different in many ways.

Music – Rain Rain Go Away
The objective is to appreciate different types of music and experiment with music, concept, volume, and sound movement to the beat

Phonological Awareness – Sharing chair
The objective is to listen and community thoughts.

Friendly reminders;

:Fun Friday is sports day. Wear your favorite sports team shirt to school.
: Constitution Day is September 17th at 9:00 am. Come one come all. This will be a morning filled with lots of love for our country that you don’t want to miss!
: We would like to welcome Mrs. Cantrell who is our Mystery reader is Friday. We look forward to having her a part of our fun Friday. Thank you to Mary Kathryn’s mother who was our Mystery reader last week. The children enjoyed listen to Mary Kathryn’s favorite book.
: Picture Day is October 4th at 10:10. Bring your best smiles to school.

Thank you all for the support in helping us make your little ones shine!

Have a good weekend

Ms. Orsano and Mrs. Wright