What a Marvelous Week!

It may have been a short week, but we surely did a lot! We started our pre-reading program, Happily Ever After this week and the kids really enjoyed listening to the story “Little Red Riding Hood”. Our letter this week was “M” and we had a magical time making masks, reading “Mud Puddle”, and making “M” crowns. Some of our friends had a turn at taking home the letter bag and the kids had a fun time guessing what was in the bag. So far, they all guessed without me having to tell them! We even went on a little parade with our masks and crowns on Friday to show off all of our hard work this week.

We also got our feet wet with our math program, Big Math for Little Kids, by starting with counting random objects and recognizing numbers. We even had some fun with counting and sorting M&M’s.

Next week, we will continue with our letter bag and focusing our time on the letter “R” and finishing up “Little Red Riding Hood”. This is also the first week where we are sending home Tommy the Turtle! I can’t wait to read all the stories and adventures!

Thank you for continuing to check those folders daily! We send home lots of important things daily so checking them and emptying them every night is a big help. This week you should have received paperwork for picture day, conferences and music club. Please make sure to send a check with the picture form if you wish to get your child’s picture taken.
Have a good weekend and I will see you all on Monday!
Mrs. Schneider

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