Good Morning,
This week we have been busy with apples! We drew a portrait of Johnny Appleseed, painted with apples, and played a game of mystery apples with the class.
Yesterday we began a new chapter in math with addition. We will focus on adding numbers 0-12. This is a great time to start practicing flashcards at home with your child to help them build their fluency with math facts.
I wanted to say great job with the footprints that your child has been completing at home. This is a new concept for them and they are grasping the concept of First, Next, Then, Last. It will continue to get easier.
On Friday we will finish our first unit of Adventures of SuperKids. We have been working with the blends “ch, sh, tch, wh, and th.” The students have been reading and writing words with these blends everyday in class. Our unit test will be on Friday. This isn’t a test the students need to study for at home, but if you would like to practice the memory words with them you can.
Our class is very close to earning our class party! We have been getting a lot of compliments from other teachers when we go to specials!!!!!
Have a great day!
Mrs. Lindsey

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