Weekly Update September 17, 2018

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful week! A reminder that Constitution Day has been postponed and will be is Friday, September 21st at 9:30. All are welcome to attend. Second Grade will be reciting as a class the Wood Acres Pledge in front of the school. They have been working hard the past month and are very excited to show off their hard work. As we school we will also be reciting The Preamble. We have been working so hard in second to memorize and understand the meaning of the preamble. Great work all around!

We also met with our Book Buddies for the first time this week. The kids had so much fun helping their younger book buddies get ready for Constitution Day. Pictures are on the blog!

Important Dates:
– Monday, September 24th and Tuesday, September 25th will be Parent Teacher Conferences. I will be sending home conference reminders on Thursday, please be sure to let me know right away if a day/time does not work for you
– Friday, September 28th Book Reports are due. Please let me know if you have any questions! Students should be prepared to stand in front of the classroom to tell about what happened first, second, third and last in their story while holding up the corresponding items.

This Week:
Reading: Next week we will begin our story Teacher’s Pet. Our essential question we will focus on will be how is a school like a community?

Phonics: We will begin working on consonant blends with r, l, and s

Grammar: We will be continuing our work with nouns and begin to focus on single and plural nouns

Target Skill: Story structure and author’s word choice

Writing Skill: We will begin working on our Folktales this week

Vocabulary: base-words and endings –ed, and –ing

Math: We completed our first unit test and the kids did a wonderful job! We began our second chapter which is place value up to 100.

I am also starting on Monday our Addition Facts to 12. Students will be working each week on completing their addition facts. They will be called up individually to my desk and shown flashcards for their set of facts for the week. They will need to answer in 3 seconds or less without using their fingers in order to move on to their next set of facts. When they pass their set of facts for the week I will send home a notice letting you know what they should be working on for the next week. I will quiz students every Thursday morning. If they should not pass for the week I will send a notice saying they will spend the following week working on their facts again. I keep this a private assessment so as to minimize frustration.

History: We took a small break from our geography unit to plan for Constitution Day on Monday. We have been working hard on learning The Preamble and discussing what it means by breaking it down piece by piece. The kids had LOADS of questions and were very interested in the topic! We are going to finish up our study of South America next week! A unit test is around the corner- more information as it approaches.

Science: We completed our third investigation where we explored weight and volume. We discovered as a class that objects of the same weight do not have the same volume. In Investigation 4 we are going to explore comparing weight and volume. Students will examine whether objects or substances that are of equal volume are also of equal weight.


LA: Read Aloud My Family and Target Vocabulary
Math: Pages 65 and 66

LA: Consonant Blends
Math: 67-68

LA: Comprehension Questions
Math: 69-70

LA: Grammar
Math 71-72

LA: Spelling List for Folktales

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