Sept. 15, 2018 Newsletter

Good Morning Families,

The children have adjusted nicely to the routine and schedules of our busy days. Mrs. Sloan and I couldn’t be more proud!

We began our week with Little Cindy Circle (Puppet) who introduced her favorite shape to the class. We made circle bird feeders to feed our feathered friends. Later on in the week, we met Sammy Square, and Tracey Triangle. We also heard the story of “Spookly the Square Pumpkin.” Ask your child how Spookly’s strange shape saved the other pumpkins.

Yesterday, we made patriotic crowns to wear to our assembly on Constitution Day next Friday. This art activity also involved patterning. The children stamped red and blue stars in pattern form on a strip to make the crown. Following a pattern, whether by sight or sound, is an important Math objective in Early School learning. In the future, there will be lots of opportunities for your child to show patterning.

This week, we also practice our cutting skills. We started with a square because straight lines are easier to cut than circles! Remember “thumb up” when showing your child how to cut. If you are afraid of the mess, let your child practice cutting over a box top or tray, but they need to practice at home! You know the old saying….”practice makes perfect!” Buy good, sharp, child scissors like Fiskars or Scotch Brand……no plastic scissors…..they will only “chew” and not cut the paper.

Thank you to our Mystery Readers this week…….Ali Azarvan, Shayan’s dad, and Lazetta Hankerson, Trey’s mom, for reading to the class. The children loved the stories!! Bennett’s mom, Alexandra Sullivan, will email you the night before to remind you of your turn. Thank you Alexandra for your help!

Parent-Teacher conferences are fast approaching! Please turn in your form so I know we are in agreement of the day and time. i am still missing a few forms. Thanks.

Have a nice weekend and week ahead.

Wanda and Cindy

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