Mid-September update

Hello Everybody,
As we get ready for another busy week in fourth grade, I hope you and your loved ones weathered Hurricane Florence with patience, strength and love. Yesterday, my husband and I sat in Sanford Stadium watching the Georgia Bulldogs play against the Middle Tennessee Raiders and realized the bands of clouds above us and the heavy breezes were caused by the hurricane which was just a few hours from us. I really hope your weekend was just as awesome as mine or maybe even better.

I would like thank you for taking the time in helping, discussing, and reviewing the lessons in the Fire Safety workbook. I do hope each lesson and quiz has sparked some conversations on what to do in case of an emergency in or near your home. We do have two more lessons to complete, but I have all of the permission slips for the field trip on Thursday, September 27. By then, we will be ready for a fun day at the Fire Safety Village.

Academically, we are moving on and beginning Chapter 2 which covers Addition and Subtraction in our math textbook. In grammar, we will begin to cover compound, complex, fragments, and run-on sentences, and we will read more about Peter, Fudge, and Dribble in our novel. Let the learning begin!

Parent-Teacher Conferences are next Monday, September 24 and Tuesday, September 25. Thank you for signing and returning the conference notice that your student took home on Friday. Please let me know that the day and time are perfect for us to talk about your awesome learner.

Hopefully, you read the email from our administration; Constitution Day is now on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 @ 9:30. Because of the uncertainty of weather conditions, we felt postponing this great day would be better for everybody. We do hope you can find the time and join us for this red, white, and blue day.

Until then, enjoy the rest of your weekend. Stay safe, dry, and I’ll see everybody in the morning.

Yours truly,
Cheryl Leagan
4th grade lead teacher