We The People!

We hope you all enjoyed your weekend. As you all know hurricane Florence has affected many people. If you are or know of anyone who is, we would like to send out deepest thoughts. This week we will continue to focus on shapes. Ovals, rectangles and stars will be, we can’t wait to see what their creations will be! Humpty Dumpty who sat on a wall, twinkle twinkle little stars is just what we missed so far. And let’s not forget about rectangles. Rectangles here, rectangles there, rectangles are everywhere!

To introduce the shape “oval”, we will be read and learn about the nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty”. and create Humpty himself. To introduce the shape “star”, we will be discussing the stars on our the American flag and create a star wind stock. For fine motor skills, we will be working on strengthening our pencil grip by tracing ovals, stars and rectangles in sand.

Investigators Club, we will be covering the following;

Oral Language – Introducing circle flap board
The objective is to recognize, describe and compare shapes.

Social and Emotional Skills – It’s okay to be me
The objective is to understand that we are all different in many ways.

Music – Rain Rain Go Away
The objective is to appreciate different types of music and experiment with music, concept, volume, and sound movement to the beat

Phonological Awareness – Sharing chair
The objective is to listen and community thoughts

Friendly reminders;

– Constitution Day has been rescheduled to Friday September 21st at 9:30. Please provide water bottles for you child day of.
– Fun Friday – Hat Day. Wear your favorite hat to school!
– Parent/teacher conferences are approaching on Monday and Tuesday September 24th and 25th. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding your time and day. Friendly reminders of your day and time will be going out this week.
– School/Treehouse will be closed September 24th – 25th for Parent Teacher conferences.
Picture Day October 4th

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support. We wouldn’t be successful as teachers without you.
Ms. Orsano and Ms. Wright