5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of September 27th

Math: This week, we will dive into division! We will begin by learning the division patterns. Students will make a foldable to bring home to help remind them of the steps and they will play a fun dot to dot partner game to practice in class. Then, we will dive into long division. Please remember to sign the chapter two math test and return it on Wednesday!

Science: Last week, students were given their cell models project planning sheet. They are suppose to write down their plan for both the plant and animal cells. The project is due on Monday, October 8th. The planning sheet is due on Wednesday when we return to school. In lab this week, we will complete Investigation Five and study plant and animal tissue. Please remember that students should be studying their science flashcards 5-10 minutes each night. A little review each night will help them tremendously as we prepare for our first unit test.

ELA: This week we are focusing on writing, reading comprehension, and grammar! One of my goals for this year is getting our fifth graders writing with more complex and compound sentences. This week, they will be introduced to these types of sentences. We will practice identifying the sentences and how to use them in our own writing. We will also practice identifying and using appositives in our writing. These lessons are in preparation for a fun descriptive writing project we will start the following week. We will also continue to practice with adjectives and adverbs in grammar.

History: We will finish up our Daniel Boone booklet that we started last week on Wednesday. We will also review our Studies Weekly from last week by practicing our reading comprehension skills. Students will complete the crossword on the puzzle and use the articles to help them find their answers. We will study Lewis and Clark’s expedition westward and how it affected the growth of the United States.

Week at a Glance:
-Book Talk due date is coming up October 6th-Early turn-in is encouraged!
-Cell models project planning sheet due Wednesday.
-Signed chapter two math test due Wednesday