5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of October 1st

Photo Highlight of the Week: Our Constitution Day Rally was a memorable day as we gathered around the flag pole with our book buddies and shared our stretch booklets of the preamble with our school!

Math: We packed in a lot of information in this short week! We learned how to use division patterns with zeros to find quotients. Students really enjoyed playing a game of BINGO as we sharpened our mental math skills using the division patterns! We also practiced finding quotients when those tricky zeros are involved. On Friday, we introduced the divisibility rules. I e-mailed a PowerPoint with the rules and links to on-line practice. I encourage students to practice over the next few days, as there will be a quiz later in the unit on the topic. This week, we will focus on using compatible numbers for estimation and dividing with two digit divisors.

Science: Thank you for sharing your cell models project plan. October 8th will be a fun day as students proudly share their models with others! I can’t wait to see them! In lab, we are wrapping up Investigation Five this week. This is our last Investigation before our performance assessment. Students are going to LOVE our performance assessment as they become “CSI agents” and use their knowledge of the microscope to solve a mysterious case!

ELA: Last week, we talked about ways to improve our writing skills by using appositives, complex sentences, and compound sentences. This week, we will put those lessons to use by creating a fun descriptive writing piece about a haunted house. We will brainstorm together, find strong descriptive nouns and adjectives, complete a descriptive writing planner, and conference before creating our final copies. They should be hanging on the will by next week, so stop by to check them out!

We enjoyed playing some review games to practice punctuating and identifying appositives. I told the students I would attach the link so they could play the games at home, so here it is! https://reviewgamezone.com/game.php?id=21117

In grammar, we are working on adding modifiers to our diagrams, including, adjectives, adverbs, and articles.

Book Talk projects are due on Friday! Please email me or send in a flash drive with your child’s video. Scripts should be typed and turned in with the rubric by Friday at the very latest. Students have been encouraged from the beginning to turn in the assignment early to assure that it works with our technology that will share the Book Talk video.

History: This week, we will focus on advances in transportation during the early years of the growth of our country. We’ll look at how stagecoaches, turnpikes, steamboats, canals, and railroads all changed the growth of our country out west. We will create a step booklet that includes advantages and disadvantages of each type of transportation, as well as, a picture of each.

Week At A Glance:
– Book Talk projects due Friday!
-Picture day for Rozier on Wednesday and Armstrong on Thursday