A Sixth-Grade Update and Constitution Day Pictures

Hello, Everyone!
Thank you to all families for meeting with Emily and me for conferences this September. It is always so much fun to talk with you and to hear about the school year from your perspective. Thank you for making time to speak with us!
Constitution Day was full of student centered programing, fun with Book Buddies, and always appreciation for this amazing, one of a kind document. Our Book Buddies scurried away quickly after the program so I have only a few pictures, but I promise to provide more after we have lunch with our Buddies this next week.
In addition, I have included a picture of a group of students who, on their own, began to clean-up and organize the science lab. Now all scientists are taking care of the lab whenever we are there and performing experiments. It is heartening to see students take initiative to make sure things of value are cared for on a regular basis. Thank you, Sixth-Grade Scientists!
Have a wonderful week. We certainly intend to do the same!
My best,
Cindy Kuegeman