Weekly Update October 1, 2018

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all have enjoyed this nice cool weather! We finished our Folktales and have them out on our board. We spent a LOT of time talking about slowing down and making sure that our handwriting is second grade handwriting. For their first written story I am very proud of the stories they created and the lessons their characters learned. I hope you will get an opportunity to take a look at their writing!

Important Notes:
– Class Pictures are Thursday, October 4th
– Book Reports are due Monday, October 29th. Children were sent home with borrowed realistic fiction books today. If your child has chosen a book from home please have them check the book with me as well.
-October Party- We will celebrate Friday, October 26th from 2-3PM. All parents are welcome to come visit with us during our party.
– Halloween is on a Wednesday this year. I am happy to have the class bring in their Halloween costumes to school. We will change into them during the last hour of school. I will set up a small craft for the class to work on during this time.

This Week:

Reading: We will be reading Animals Building Homes next week. This will be an informational text, with our essential question of the week being what are animals homes like.
Reading Skills and Strategies: Our target skill this week will focus text and graphic features, as well as using context
Grammar: In grammar this week we will continue working more on plural nouns.
Phonics: We will be working on common final blends such as nd, ng, nk, ft, xt, mp
Vocabulary Strategies: We will begin working on base words and prefixes un-, re

Math: We finished the week with a Check Progress which the class did VERY well on. This week we will begin working on estimating, rounding numbers to the nearest ten and order models. We will end the week with a final check progress. Next week we will continue our second chapter by working on counting patterns, ordinal numbers, and rounding out the week with a Chapter 2 Test on Tuesday, October 16th.

History: We began our Constitution Unit this week and have been discussing the cause of The Revolutionary War and the aftermath. We took some time discussing the word compromise and how the delegates during the Constitutional Convention spent many months creating the laws for our new country. Next week we will discuss how the Founding Fathers educated the 13 states to get the constitution approved.

Science: We completed our final investigation this week and discovered that liquids with the same volume to do not have the same weight. I will be sending home Lab Learners today to use as a study guide for their test which will be on Tuesday, October 9th.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions!

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