Weekly Update October 8, 2018

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all have had a wonderful week! As I will be absent Friday and Monday I wanted to note that Monday Folders will be sent home on Tuesday when I return as I do not want the Sub to be grading work.

Important Notes:
– The first quarter ends Wednesday, October 17th with Report Cards going home Tuesday, October 23rd
– Book Reports are due Monday, October 29th. I believe everyone has checked in with me in regards to a book report book. Please let me know right away if you haven’t.

This Week:

Reading: We will be reading The Ugly Vegetables, a realistic fiction, with our essential question being what can you learn from planting a garden?
Reading Skills and Strategies: Our target skill this week will focus on conclusions and story structure. Our target strategy will be to analyze and evaluate.
Grammar: In grammar this week we will work on proper nouns.
Phonics: We will be working on double consonants, and ck
Vocabulary Strategies: We will begin working on homophones, when words have the same pronunciation but different meanings such as knew and new.

Math: We are finishing up Chapter 2 with practicing identifying even and odd numbers, counting patterns and word problems. We will have our Chapter 2 test Tuesday, October 16th,

History: We will begin our Constitution Unit on Friday and will be learning about how the revolution leads to change. Next week we will continue our lesson with the writing of the Constitution.

Science: Our first test will be on Tuesday, October 9th with one last study guide going home on Monday to help with vocabulary words.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions!

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