Picture Perfect Week!

Happy Friday to all! We had a wonderful week with all of our friends back from vacation!

**We just found out this week that our allergy of Tree Nuts is now also including PEANUTS. With this being said, our classroom is now fully NUT FREE. Thank you so much for being diligent about this matter and keeping our classroom safe for all students!**

We spent the week learning all about the letter “G”! We spent a good chunk of time learning how to form the upper and lowercase g and the kids really enjoyed getting to write on the board! Mrs. Alger and I had a blast looking over the G transformation activity and loved seeing what they could come up with. We also completed lots of Ghost activities which is perfect as Halloween is right around the corner!

We started our Monday Journals this week with the kids telling us what they did over the weekend. Some of the kids really took off with trying to write while some opted to watch how Mrs. Alger and I wrote it down.

We are continuing with our math and are starting on matching numbers to objects. We are introducing the matching game where they flip over a card with a number on it and need to find the match with the number dots. It’s a fun way for the kids to learn their numbers and how to easily match numbers to objects.

Next week we will move on to the story “La Tortuga” and focusing our time on the letter T. Look for “The Little Bears” packets coming home today, as we finished Unit 2 today. Inside the packet will be all the activity pages we have completed for this unit.

I hope you all have a great weekend and will see you next week!

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