T is for Terrific

What a busy, busy week for us! We started a new story this week, “La Tortuga”, a story set in Mexico about a sneaky turtle who plays the flute! With that, we also learned about the letter T, and came up with a board full of “T” words! We made Teepees (on display in the classroom), turtles and tractors! We also used our imaginations and turned our T’s into castles, umbrellas, princesses, rocket ships and more! It was fun seeing what the kids could come up with! Next week we will continue with our story “La Tortuga” and start the letter “S”.

We also went to the Beaker Junior this week and did our first experiment! After we did our Pumpkin Scholastic page today, we took pumpkins and tested them to see if they would float or sink in water. Afterwards, we let the kids try on the lab coats and some safety glasses and got our picture featured on the woodacresschool instagram! Check it out to see the great picture!

We are still working on our numbers 1-10 and identifying the number and the dots of the numbers! Next week, we’ll be making our very own number book to take home, so make sure you look out for that!

It seems that the weather is finally starting to cool off and Fall is here for the staying! Please make sure to send sweatshirts/jackets to school with your children. We have an early recess time (10:00-10:30) and it is still chilly out at that time.

We also went to preview the school book fair today and the kids loved looking around and finding a few books that they liked! The hours for the book fair are as followed:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 12 – 4; Thursday 12 – 6 and it is located in Few Cottage Treehouse rooms!

As a fun surprise for the kids, Monday, October 15th, we will have stuffed animal day to kick off our “S” week!
I hope you all have a “cool” weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday!

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