5th Grade Weekly Update October 15th

ELA: All students should bring their Turn Homeward, Hannalee book by Monday. On Friday, students were introduced to our next outside novel study that correlates with Turn Homeward, Hannalee. They received a yellow overview sheet of this assignment that gives a description of the assignment, as well as, a brief description of each of the literature circle jobs. Please review this sheet with your student and sign and return it on Monday in the Friday Folder. On Monday, students will take a open vocabulary list quiz over the first two chapters. Due to other tests being taken on theses couple of days, we’re not having a test on these terms and students will be able to use their lists to help them match synonyms and complete the sentence. We will read chapters three through five this week and have discussions after each chapter. We will continue practicing diagramming sentences this week now that all parts of speech have been reviewed and we’ve learned how to diagram them all. Cumulative review is always the trickiest part!

History: We will continue our study of Westward Expansion this week, focusing on how the United States gained the Oregon Country and why it was desired, the Oregon Trail, mountain men, and what life was like on the trail. We’ll work on a new note-taking method, word webs using information from Lesson 9, War with Mexico. In Studies Weekly, students will learn about the fight for equal rights for African Americans and about their first educational institutions. Then, students will learn about several men and women who invented or created things that still help us in today’s society.

Science: Our unit test on Microscopic Explorations will be on Monday, October 15th. Students should review their study guides and flashcards in preparation for the test. In our Battleship review game, students did well and seemed confident in their answers. I’m sure they will knock this assessment out of the park! Later in the week, we will begin our performance assessment. Then, we will dive into our Inheritance and Adaptations Cell!

Math: We are wrapping up our division unit. This week, we will focus on problem-solving and complete a chapter review of the skills we have learned. Our unit test will be on Friday, October 19th.

Other: In Friday Folders, you will see a permission slip for our upcoming field trip to the Southern museum on Wednesday. Please sign and return it ASAP! We will leave at 8:30 and return to school by 1:30. Please have your child bring a disposable sack lunch and wear a Wood Acres tshirt on Wednesday!

Week at a Glance:
-Send back signed THH yellow form and field trip permission slip
-Field Trip Wednesday to the Southern Museum 8:30-1:30
-Microscopic Explorations unit test on Monday
-Math division unit test on Friday
-Microscopic Explorations performance assessment will begin on Tuesday for Armstrong’s class and Thursday for Rozier’s class. It will last for several days.