October 13, 2018 Newsletter

Good Morning Families!

We started learning numbers 1&2 and created the first two pages for our counting book. In the Investigator Clubhouse, the children interacted with the Number Board………..identifying numbers, finding sets of one and two on the flap board and counting. They heard the stories, “One Sun,” and “One of Each,” to reinforce these numbers. Speaking of numbers, the class had fun with the Number Jar. To encourage verbal skills, the snack kid brings a number of objects in the jar from home and does “Show ‘N Tell.” The children are learning to ask the snack child questions about the objects.

The class loved learning about scarecrows! We heard scarecrow stories and made the cutest plaque to show off their own scarecrow. It was not quite dry enough to take home Friday. Ask your child to sing and act out the song, ” I’m a Little Scarecrow”…..it’s hilarious!

It’s Book Fair Time! The book Fair is located in the Kdg. building (The Few Cottage).

Book Fair Hours are as follows:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 12 – 4
Thursday 12 – 6

Books purchased will benefit the school library.

Next week’s themes will be numbers 3 & 4 and nocturnal animals.

The photo is from Senora Thorogood’s Spanish class on Thursday.

Have a beautiful Fall weekend,
Wanda and Cindy

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